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What makes me BEAUTIFUL?

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

What makes me BEAUTIFUL?

The diversity in my family, just seeing all the different colors of our skin blend so beautifully. God's creation alive and thriving, growing stronger day by day, that's what makes me beautiful.

My daughter's lovely family, the kind and generous heart of her wonderful husband, her beauty and smile, the laughter of my three little princesses, Lili, Aria and Ella. Growing up smitten by every race available, yes me (blushing) through my beautiful brown skin. That's what makes me beautiful!

Working with people from every nation, race and creed, knowing they are HUMAN just like me, we laugh ,we cry, we hurt the same way, all those things make me beautiful. They make you beautiful too.

Waking up every morning, and being able to breathe the breath of life, seeing my cute dog LaBella run because she has something in her mouth that does not belong. Sitting on the couch waiting for my ride to work, because my car is in the shop. This is what makes me beautiful

What makes me beautiful? The many mistakes I've made, learning and growing from them, not letting them stop my flow. The little annoyances that get me all worked up for nothing, that makes me beautiful.

Your BRAVERY to fight cancer and still remain strong, your faith and determination to keep on keeping on. The smile on your face the twinkle in your eyes when pain is present is what makes me, no YOU beautiful!

What makes me BEAUTIFUL? YOU make me BEAUTIFUL!

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