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My Journey into the unknown world of "Natural Hair"

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Most of my life I grew up thinking my hair was "Nappy", and at every given opportunity I would perm it. throughout the years I have permed, dyed, dyed and permed my hair, yes in that same order. My hair has fallen out, broken off, grown to long lengths and broke off again. All this had taken place because I was not given the correct information about my hair, and the do's and don'ts of black hair care. No I don't blame anyone for this misunderstanding of my hair and its texture, I just wish I knew then what I know now. Haven't we all said thatbefore? My lovely daughter jump started my thoughts of going natural, by seeing her take the plunge of doing the big chop and growing her hair in its natural state. She also convinced me that it was something that required a lot of maintenance and I was not down with that. So being scared again over this newly discovered challenge, I dismissed the thoughts of going natural. Years went by and I was back to my normal perm and dye routine, I remember going to the mall one day and noticing a lovely young lady's natural curly hairstyle, and saying to myself "I want my hair to look like that". I knew I wasn't going natural and the only way to accomplish the style, was with a wig or weave and I wanted neither. Upon starting a new job I noticed that a lot of the women there, had their hair in a natural curly style and it was beautiful. The thoughts of going natural started up again, and this time it was hitting me heavy due to the fact that my beautiful long hair, had started breaking off so much that I could not put it in a bun, and the Lord knows I loves me a bun. After battling with my damaged hair for a year I decided that I was going to try this "Natural hair thing" (THING - I know right). Right away I went for the BIG CHOP, and boy was I disappointed, (I can laugh about it now). The chop was horrible and I almost cried because I looked like a boy, yes a cute boy, but a BOY! I went home mad, and immediately went to the bathroom and added some water to my hair, to see if it would curl up like I had seen my roots do before the big chop. The curls starting popping in and boy oh boy did I have a BIG smile on my face, I was so happy that I was able to look like a cute girl again. I started experiencing with natural hair care products and even creating my own, it has now been a year and four months and I must say that I am thrilled with my overall growth thus far. My hair can now hold a small bun and is very healthy, I have also dyed it without any visible signs of breakage. My journey into the unknown world of Natural Hair has been very scary, but truly rewarding. I am glad to have taken the journey and now I invite you to join me. Curl On!

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